Don’t just take our word for it…these are genuine and verifiable comments.

University College, Isle of Man – Professional Investigations Cyber Security program

“Thank you for the work you have put into delivering on the Degree in Cybersecurity at UCM.  It has been brilliant for the students to have someone with your expertise to enhance the classes on the level 4 module.”

Internet Investigative Skills – One Day May 2017

  • Thank you very much, extremely helpful!
  • The information provided is definitely going to help me with my day job.
  • Well done!
  • Excellent

Three 1 x day Internet Investigative Skills courses, Gibraltar January 2017

  • Extremely useful!
  • Loved the stories, examples, practical tips, relaxed atmosphere and encouragement to ask questions.
  • Very informative and thought provoking.
  • Brilliant training session, very relevant to our needs, industry specific, very useful.
  • Excellent delivery Colin! Thank you so much.
  • Excellent course, thank you, taught me a lot, in particular how little I know about this subject!
  • Very interesting, I learnt useful tools I will definitely be putting into practice. Thank you for coming to Gibraltar
  • Great seminar, informative, interesting and relevant.
  • Found many elements very useful, previously I would have approached by Google search and ‘link clicking’. I will now take a more methodical planned approach.

Bespoke one day Internet Investigative Skills December 2017

The in-house short course delivered by Colin, provided a necessary reminder to all attendees on searching security, techniques, recording and search result presentation that met all the objectives of the session.  The course also prompted and informed a conversation on company wide standards of internet evidence which was useful.

Bespoke one day Internet Investigative Skills November 2017

The day’s training was the topic of conversation at our evening meal yesterday. A number of us had  immediately played around with the tools and techniques, post training, demonstrated and  Andrew managed to locate Facebook content from an account he had closed / archived some time ago.

We have all been left with the impression that we were demonstrated some very powerful tools and techniques by a real subject matter expert. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to my external peer group.

One to one bespoke session October 2017

I contacted Colin via email to discuss some bespoke training that I wanted to undertake in smart internet searching and the development of an investigative method of turning information into good quality intelligence. I wanted to take the training I had already completed to the next level. Colin replied very quickly and after some discussion about my needs he was able to put together a one day package of training that concentrated on the particular areas that I wanted to enhance.

The training was arranged very quickly and we spent the day together covering all the areas that I wanted. To have around 7 hours one-to-one training with one of the most recognised experts in the field of investigation and intelligence was incredible. His approach to teaching was clear and precise and allowed 2 -way discussion and interactive exercises that ensured I understood the areas we were discussing before moving on. Planning beforehand, developing search techniques, thinking laterally, using information intelligently and analysing the results led to me feeling confident in offering my clients a better, more focussed approach to my work. Colin also offered me great advice on new tools and software to assist me in my work.

I cannot recommend Colin highly enough for the level of commitment he gives to his students. He is able to share his years of knowledge both as a senior police officer and latterly a security and intelligence expert for the benefit of his students. If you want to enhance your skills as an investigator, whether you are new to the industry or to refresh you own expertise, then look no further than Colin Tansley’s wide selection of training packages. Or do as I did; ask him to put together a bespoke package to serve your own individual and business needs. I certainly intend to sign up for more training soon.

Internet Investigative skills (Douglas, Isle of Man) September 2017

  • Excellent course, well presented.
  • Very, very useful.
  • Excellent!
  • Appreciated the speeds of attendees, engaging and interesting.
  • Fully satisfied, learnt a great deal.

Malta (Government Agency) 10th-11th August – Digital Due Diligence course

  • This 2 day intensive course has now become a standard training course for the industry of residency and citizenship by investment, having been delivered to global firms and attended by industry leaders, consistently for the past 3 years.
  • It helped me by giving me the required tools for more in-depth research, and also made me more aware of what I should be doing to be more secure online.
  • Very straight forward and practical

Bespoke Internet Investigations course – Manchester 28th June 2017

  • I thought Colin was great and had great knowledge! He had a lot of time for each individual and answered any queries I had.
  • I enjoyed the activities and being able to see how everyone searched differently. I also enjoyed learning how to use search engines effectively.
  • I now feel more confident in searches for information online and know of different sites which can help me obtain deeper information. I also now understand the relevance of associated parties and how this can be relevant.
  • Very informative and interesting- all of it!
  • I can now confidently and safely conduct high quality investigations.
  • The course has helped me to gain more data from the search results and better interpret it.

Digital Due Diligence Masterclass – Channel Islands 26th and 27th April 2017

Overall rating of excellent from delegates, specific comments below;

  • Excellent and thought provoking
  • Very informative, learnt a lot in an engaging way
  • Very informative and will be helpful in my role
  • Great course, great tutor.
  • Tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful

Online Enhanced Due Diligence Masterclass – Isle of Man 22nd March 2017

  • Willing to share knowledge which is great – a mine of information.
  • Have attended courses (similar) delivered by other course leaders since the last two day course with Colin and he is still the best.
  • Very interesting and informative and helpful for undertaking additional compliance checks.
  • Excellent course, I enjoyed the small group. Colin’s knowledge is brilliant, interesting for the whole day.
  • Colin explains things really well and is very knowledgeable.
  • This course and Colin has taught me so much feel much more confident now.

Two day Open Source Internet Investigation course – London Feb 2017

  • Colin – Great job!
  • Most interesting course of the four I have done!
  • Excellent knowledge of subject with good pace of delivery.
  • Very good
  • Superb course, delivered expertly
  • Excellent knowledge, good exercises.
  • Really knowledgeable and proficient.
  • Excellent communicator with vast knowledge and experience in subject field.

Private client (bespoke course) Malta – February 2017

  • Please allow me to express our gratitude towards your availability, your professional approach and obviously for bringing to the training such interesting content. In regards to your session I can confirm that by far, it was the most positively reviewed by the attendees. It was regarded as the session which best provided the attendees with skills that can be applied to the day-to-day tasks. Considering that our feedback form does not provide for evaluation of external speakers on an individual basis, and that therefore the audience went out of their way to share this insight, I would say that your session was indeed well received by the attendees, and those of us organising the seminar.

Digital Due Diligence modules (Isle of Man) – February 2017

  • Very knowledgeable – great examples
  • Very informative
  • Lots of interaction
  • He knows what he is talking about, lots of real life experience
  • Very friendly and easy to talk to
  • Very knowledgeable and good at getting point over

2 Day Digital Due Diligence (Gibraltar) – January 2017

  • I can’t begin to thank Colin enough for the training and guidance he provided. The course was better than I had expected, so much to take away from it. I know the guys in my team are also of the same opinion, and have been putting into practice what they learned on the course.

Online Investigative CDD (Jersey) 14th-15th December 2016

  • The course was engaging and interesting
  • Extremely informative practical course
  • It was interesting and helpful
  • Learnt a great deal as to how to use search engines effectively
  • Enjoyable and fun
  • An excellent course which gave a practical insight into Internet research and how to protect yourself online

Online Investigative CDD (Guernsey) 12th-13th December 2016

  • I found the training extremely informative, the delivery interesting and concise and the practical element was very useful for my role
  • New tools to assist me in my role
  • Extremely useful to provide a new way of thinking with regards to tackling information for CDD from the Internet
  • Well worth 2 days out of the office as I’ve expanded my knowledge on the Internet
  • Very detailed, great insight into ways of verifying individuals/companies
  • A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience – at times literally jaw dropping!
  • Colin was interactive with the class, delivered the content well and clearly knew his stuff

Protect your business from Cyber Crime – public course 2nd December 2016

  • Fantastic course, Colin delivers the information in an understandable format and provides a lot of information quickly. Prevention is always best and the course leaves you feeling able to take action and change behaviour.Thank you.

Module 1 & 2 Digital Due Diligence November 2016

  • Whilst writing I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Digital Due Diligence course (modules 1 & 2) yesterday and last week. They were really interesting and useful and Colin was a great tutor!
  • Excellent course
  • Very informative and excellent knowledge
  • Answers questions clearly and concisely

Digital Due Diligence (Isle of Man) in house course 16th November 2016

  • Thoroughly enjoyable and informative, thank you
  • Overall, very good
  • Really enjoyed it very useful
  • The exercises were excellent
  • Very engaging

Protect your business from Cyber Crime (in-house session) September 2016

  • This was a well delivered and interesting talk.
  • Certainly provided food for thought and encouraged enhanced diligence.
  • The course was of value and pitched at the right level.
  • I found it really useful and enlightening and it brought home to me that you can think you are being prudent when really that is far from the case
  • Colin was very engaging and personable so I think we all felt comfortable enough to bring up our own thoughts and experiences.

Digital Due Diligence (Isle of Man) 13th/20th September 2016

  • Not too wordy – straight to the point
  • Really enjoyed it – learned loads!
  • Excellent practical exercises
  • Incredibly knowledgeable about the topic
  • Excellent course
  • Colin was extremely helpful and patient. His knowledge of the subject is brilliant and made the course interesting.
  • I have learnt so much for my professional and personal life. Thank you!
  • Very well presented slides that complemented the lecture.
  • Very interesting, always interested in your questions.
  • Experienced, patient and knowledgeable
  • Brilliant, delivered all I wanted and more.

Jersey (in conjunction with Jersey International Business School) 20th-21st June 2016

  • Really beneficial and advantageous to my area of work
  • Interesting, informative
  • Practical training and something I can take away and use in the workplace
  • Probably the most enjoyable/interesting/useful course I have ever attended
  • Good and interactive
  • Great!
  • Provided some great tips that I can go away and practice and hopefully become more efficient at searches (safely)
  • Enlightening and eye opening regarding online searching
  • The course was very informative, paced well and touched on most areas of the internet intricacies and Google based searches. I enjoyed it and look forward to building upon the knowledge gained in the 2 days

Delegate feedback – Dark Web workshop 24th May 2016

“I attended a training input delivered by Colin in May 2016 relating to the ‘Dark Web’. I noticed Colin was a former Detective Superintendent. It is such a shame that he has left the police service as it was really refreshing to see a professional who has attained such a senior rank and who actually understands, really understands, cybercrime as opposed to simply professing to. His knowledge was exceptional as was his manner of delivery.”

Commercial Lawyer’s comments following attendance on the two day “Digital Due Diligence’ course.

As a commercial lawyer advising on transactional issues, I stand on the front line of liability in a risk-based system, and need to have the ability to look beyond what clients and the other side share with me, to the full backstory – to be able to access information even they may not have. The Intelect Solutions training course has made me aware of the depth of research which is both possible and necessary to protect me and to put me in a position to guide and protect my clients.

Tailored two day course 10th-11th March 2016 (London based brand protection company)

Colin’s preparation and liaison for the course was first class and as a result we were able to gain the maximum benefit from an agenda that was focused on our companies requirements and objectives. It was clear that Colin had listened to our instructions and the course material supported our strategies, vision and ethics perfectly.

Colin combines his practical experience with previous management expertise and industry knowledge and this meant that the attendees were confident in the authority that Colin spoke with on all subjects. The consistent messages and instructions along with practical examples really focused the group and the benefits for the individuals and our organisation from the training have been apparent from that day.

I do not believe that there is a superior trainer on these subject matters and recommend him very highly.

Public authority client 29th Feb – 1st March 2016

  • Trainer very good & knowledgeable
  • I would definitely recommend this course for those using the Internet for investigations
  • Very informative
  • A very useful course that highlights the techniques for using open source searches but also underlines the importance of doing so within current legislative frameworks
  • Engaging delivery of the training with a mixture of examples, exercises and discussion
  • An excellent course that anyone conducting internet investigations should attend
  • Very well presented and a level which easy to follow. Gained very much knowledge.

Module two SORT IT (Isle of Man) 9th February 2016

  • Feel I know a lot more ways to use the Internet
  • Videos were really good and info up to date
  • Kept us very engaged again
  • Excellent course overall with some very useful tips and information
  • Really useful insight provided and framework for future search activity
  • Learnt valuable skills to take away
  • Very professional, easy to follow and understand

Module one SORT IT 2nd February 2016

  • Learned a lot of tips which will help with accuracy and efficiency
  • Well presented, kept very engaged
  • Excellent course would recommend
  • Interactive and rather than just talking Colin gave us the opportunity to test our skills and provided evaluation afterwards
  • Very beneficial course and makes you consider the ways you search individuals/companies. Simply Googling their name without exact matches wasn’t efficient
  • Already learnt a lot of useful skills to take away
  • Very professional, easy to understand

Local authority client One day workshop 3rd December 2015

  • Very good, made the course enjoyable, lots of useful information
  • Very interesting and engaging, thoroughly recommend
  • Extremely interesting – eye opening
  • Very good course, extremely informative
  • Excellent course – very interesting – informative, covered subject in a professional and co-ordinated response
  • Very interesting course, found the information very useful
  • Interesting subject, very well presented
  • Useful course for professional as well as private use
  • Very well run, interesting

Manchester (Sancus Solutions) 24th-25th November 2015

  • All security and risk management professionals should do this course
  • Incredibly interesting, so much information in two days! Thank you
  • An all round excellent course
  • Excellent course and excellent trainer
  • The course was very fluid and interactive which made it both enjoyable and interesting
  • Good fun course, trainer very helpful

London 17th – 18th November 2015

  • Excellent trainer. I would have paid for an additional day to have more time for practical exercises
  • Very clear and concise, responsive to issues as they arose
  • Excellent knowledge, skills and experience, which was freely shared with the delegates. Trainer ensured all delegates subjects were established at start of course and then covered in content delivery.
  • This course is an eye opener for anyone using the Internet in investigations
  • Very approachable and helpful, great knowledge
  • Colin was very helpful and proactive with his course, helpful and detailed course
  • Excellent
  • Excellent content (very informative) with good student & trainer interaction

Open Source Training (private client) 9th-10th November 2015

  • Very applicable to investigations, trainer knowledgeable about the contents
  • Very practical, one of my best training courses

SORT IT Training (Isle of Man) 4th – 5th November 2015

  • Probably the best informative and mind-opening course I’ve been on in 10 years!
  • Very interesting content and great delivery
  • Eye opening and highly informative
  • Colin delivered at a pace that suited the various abilities/capabilities of attendees, very informative
  • Excellent course for anyone who wants to improve home/work internet security as well as anyone wanting to improve their online research skills

SORT IT training (Isle of Man) 12th & 20th October 2015

  • Removing words from my Google string searches really useful
  • Looking forward to Part 2
  • Engaging well paced and informative while remaining accessible
  • Did not think I would learn so much
  • Really worth sacrificing two days of chargeable time for
  • For anyone who uses the web for due diligence searches, this course is going to give you tools and tips to help you do your job more successfully, quickly and securely.
  • Hugely beneficial, will enable me to be more efficient in my daily operation.
  • Occasionally rushed but with so much to get through in 2 days not surprising.
  • Advanced research exercise was useful to show me to use instinct and try to search deep web databases
  • Fantastic course I achieved my objectives of carrying out more efficient searches on individuals.
  • Learnt how to install useful Chrome extensions to protect my PC and the organisation’s internet footprint
  • Great balance between theory and practical case studies, I now have some useful tools to take back to the work place
  • Engaging and precise but understandable
  • I was very impressed that Colin weaved in extra details in relation to my specific queries making the course incredibly useful and applicable to the day to day work. I am walking away with some useful resources and more honed skills
  • Very interesting learnt a lot will be putting the training and tips provided in to practice

SORT IT training (Isle of Man) – 13th/14th October 2015

  • Very good – explained concepts simply and clearly and the course extremely interesting
  • I learnt a great deal about how to search and the resources which are available online. I also learnt about personal online security/privacy
  • Excellent course, excellent delivery, excellent trainer
  • Very interesting and lots of useful information and methods shown as well as new ways to protect my accounts and profiles online when searching
  • Presented very well, explained simply, enjoyed video content to break up slides, enjoyed exercises followed by debriefs making me revise my approach.
  • Went beyond initial objectives and addressed issues I didn’t know about previously. Informative, relevant, eye opening.
  • Really enjoyed the course and feel much more clued up on internet search techniques
  • Very good, I never realised so much personal information could be found online ‘scary’

Tailored input Isle of Man (People search techniques) 1st October 2015

  • “Myself and my team found the one day course very useful and it will assist us to trace customers who are no longer in touch and for whom we hold deposits”
  • “Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot of useful ways to search the internet and what to look for”
  • “In the limited time available Colin met all our objectives”
  • “Pace of the course was spot on and kept everyone focussed. Delivery was very professional”
  • “Very interesting Course which will be of great benefit to the business. The techniques I learned will be very useful from a personal point as well as the business side”
  • “Very enjoyable 2½ hours flew by. Internet investigation techniques will be extremely useful. Money well spent”

Module 2 SORT IT (Isle of Man) – 29th September 2015

  • Really well put together and interesting
  • Will be recommending
  • Will definitely be recommending this course to friends, associates, brilliant
  • Taught me so much about people searching
  • Good in depth course, offer of follow up questions
  • Very informative, well presented and relevant
  • Colin has a friendly manner and brings across the information in an easy to understand manner
  • Very helpful and gave me a wider knowledge overall on searching

Module 1 SORT IT (Isle of Man) – 23rd September 2015

  • Knowledge transferred was great
  • Nice to have a trainer with the background and experience, the passion showed in what was delivered
  • Interesting, but looking forward to module 2 as that applies more to my role
  • Improved my research skills 100%
  • Colin is a brilliant tutor with so much knowledge and experience he makes it really interesting to learn
  • Really interesting learnt a lot today
  • Excellent Course, now aware of more sources that I can use for searches

September 2015

  • Learnt so much, highly recommend
  • Excellent course, excellent trainer, invaluable information provided
  • Excellent knowledge of the subject and presented in a well structured and user friendly way
  • Very good, enjoyable and thought provoking, challenging pace at times – keeps you on your toes!
  • Colin was an excellent trainer – totally tailored the course to our needs

June 2015

  • Good course, very good trainer
  • Really good
  • Very good, covered all the topics in a comprehensive and clear manner
  • Excellent – course felt tailor made to it’s participants due the the fact the trainer took the time to ask everyone what they wanted from the course
  • Very knowledgeable on the subject area
  • Very good and interesting course

March 2015

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very thought provoking both in a work and home context. Colin is an excellent and knowledgeable trainer on a complex topic
  • Very comprehensive course. Enjoyed the very hands on style of the course. Colin explained complicated technical terms in easy to understand language
  • An excellent course which delivered much more than I thought possible
  • A fantastic/interesting course
  • Colin was excellent
  • Excellent trainer with high degree of specialist knowledge
  • I really learnt a lot on the course that will help me in the future. I wasn’t aware that there were so many tools available. Colin is a very effective trainer

London February 2015

  • Very informative – excellent knowledge
  • Very detailed course content and excellent trainer
  • Very experienced trainer, delivered in an understandable way, at a pace that matched the groups abilities. Jargon was explained before used and a wide variety of subject matter and methods delivered efficiently and to time.
  • Good to have a practical, skills based course taught by a very experienced practitioner
  • Excellent content, exponential in practice, trainers knowledge first class

Channel Islands training January 2015

  • A good combination of presentation and activity using different types of media.

  • Tip-top first class online investigation training facilitated by Colin Tansley and organised by Comsure Training. Respected, endorsed and highly recommended.

  • I found the whole day extremely interesting and tutor Colin Tansley, was very good at what he does. I returned the next day and attended the second course which I found was even more intriguing, and showed me a way, to use these tools in a more productive way .I would certainly recommend this course, for learners & advanced users.

Training 29th-20th July 2014

  • Excellent trainer with a vast knowledge of the subject matter
  • Very well presented course, informative with good practical examples and an extremely knowledgeable trainer
  • Excellent – well presented, easy to follow and good content
  • Really good and very helpful
  • Great knowledge, good pace to course

Jersey/Guernsey April 2014

  • Colin is an excellent tutor and has created a course that is vital to all in the industry. I would definitely recommend this course to others, and what you learn stems way beyond your day to day job
  • Very worthwhile and relevant to my role. It will definitely make me more efficient when searching information on companies and individuals.
  • Colin was very professional on his delivery & was there to ‘train’ rather than talk about himself as some trainers have done in the past.

Isle of Man 2012:

  • Fantastic, island has needed this for a long time.
  • Best course I have been on for many a year.
  • Top notch!
  • This course is ground breaking for the compliance industry on the island and is a must for all those in the compliance and risk departments within the financial series community.
  • Excellent material and extremely interesting. It has given me a different outlook on the internet and how to use it in the best, most efficient methods. Will prove valuable in my day to day job. I would recommend to anyone in a compliance arena and others who increasingly rely on the internet to attend.
  • Well presented and informative, useful information to take back to the workplace.
  • Very clear and to the point, easy to understand
  • Very informative and eye opening
  • Very friendly environment, good use of exercises and case studies. Skills learnt will prove to be a major help.
  • Very good balance of presentation and discussion. To be recommended. Lots of new strategies and resources that will prove beneficial.
  • Well paced, good balance of presentation and exercises.
  • Very informative and will use on a daily basis.



“We have recently entered into a training partnership with Colin and his company. For us it was crucial that content and presentation were perfect. It was the launch of the training division of our business and anything less than perfection, on an offshore financial sector, would have been devastating. Any early fears swiftly faded. Attention to detail in the preparation and interest in the delegates’ needs were of high importance to Colin. The 2 day ‘Internet Investigation’ course was interactive, informative and challenging. The difficult balance of content and correct pitch was achieved. The feedback from delegates was, critically, most complimentary. Very experienced Internet users stated they were returning to their workplace much the wiser and with more confidence to go about their daily business. Colin is playing an integral part in the development of our specialist training division and we are grateful for his serious contribution. Working with such a colleague is invaluable to our business.” – Owner, offshore financial services investigation and training company.


“We used Intelect Solutions to provide a comprehensive training package for using the Internet as an Investigation Tool. The course was interesting and provided a useful insight into maximising the Internet as an investigative tool. Colin was knowledgeable, professional and provided us with some very interesting tactics. I found it to be value for money and a real eye opener, and would recommend Intelect Solutions’ training courses to anyone in the industry. I thought I knew my way around the net – I was wrong!” – Managing Director, private investigation company.


Investigation and research services


“I instructed Colin on a matter of confidential open source research. The report he delivered was comprehensive, concise, insightful and highly relevant. As a result of what he provided to me I was able to demonstrate and implement a risk reduction strategy to protect my client. I would without question recommend the services offered by Intelect Solutions to anyone in the security industry.” – Director, London-based international security organisation.


“Intelect Solutions regularly provide us with extensive information sourced from the internet in ways they only seem to know how to do. This service provides our business with an invaluable intelligence source to give us the confidence we have all the information at hand when making key business decisions. We not only us this asset for ourselves but also our own client base to enable them to feel secure in everything they do”. – CEO, strategic intelligence organisation.


“I have been working with Colin for the past 2 years and regularly engage his services. He offers a unique product and one which is very much appreciated by our clients. His reports are in-depth, precise and highly professional.” – Director, UK forensic accountancy firm.

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