Customer Due Diligence

Customer Due Diligence

Awareness is the first effective step of self-protection.

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Insight and knowledge to help you protect your business

We specialise in Online Due Diligence Investigations and risk assessments.

This type of work is generally associated with companies who operate in the financial services sector to ensure that risks are identified promptly and important Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are complied with. However, it can equally apply to a business acquisition or potential investment.

How we can help?

Business risks can be complicated and far reaching. Our reports help you better understand those risks by conducting an in-depth analysis, identifying issues that include suggestions of;

  • Adverse Media

  • Bankruptcy

  • Criminality

  • Financial irregularities

  • Political exposure

  • Poor business record

The benefits of using Intelect

We will provide a totally independent assessment

We are professional, competent and credible investigators

We treat our customers as individuals and respect your individual requirements and needs

We provide a secure system for rapid and safe transfer of information

CDD Review Service

Conducted your own CDD and want a second opinion?

We can confidentially review your enquiries and offer suggestions and recommendations. Please contact us for a discussion.

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