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Security takes many forms and means different things to different organisations. It might be that your organisation needs to be secure in the knowledge that it is safe to do business with an individual or company. It may be that you need to educate your staff about the risks to your organisation from cyber-crime or the failure to handle sensitive information properly. The golden thread that runs through all of the above is the ‘digital world’ in which we live and work in.

As an offshore jurisdiction the Isle of Man like many of its Island cousins holds a wealth of data, on clients, their money and business interests. Events have previously demonstrated that hostile actors want access to that sort of information for their own ends. But ultimately the reputational damage that goes with a data breach is incalculable and directly linked to economic prosperity. Hence the need to treat information as sacrosanct.

Regulation around digital currencies is developing but is struggling to keep pace with technological developments. There is no doubt that criminal elements are exploiting crypt currencies as a means of moving money. Just how do you make sure your business stays ahead at the same time as being compliant?

Want some ideas about how you protect the information you have from those who have no right to it? Intelect and Great Chatwell Academy are venturing into that minefield in September on the Isle of Man. We’ve a series of events that we believe will begin to address the key issues.

Firstly. on 18th September we are holding a summit entitled ‘Customer Due Diligence in the 21st Century’. We are bringing together a host of thought leaders and influencers to talk about what the issues are and what the solutions might be. For further details please see https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conducting-customer-due-diligence-in-the-21st-century-tickets-47841888376

On the same day we will be inviting key personnel from a range of organisations to witness how to train staff in a completely different way. We’ll be demonstrating ‘Virtual Reality’ and how you can use it to engage and educate staff about data security.

On the 19th and 20th September we intend to hold our second ‘Forensic Customer Due Diligence in the 21st Century’ training course. Certificated by the University of Gloucester this course is designed to take compliance professionals to the next level. We’ll be addressing the Dark Web, crypto currencies, how to find the best information online, how to validate it and methods of analysing bitcoin transactions. For details of this course please head to https://www.greatchatwellacademy.com/solutions/solutions-for-you/public-workshops/customer-due-diligence-in-the-digital-world

We’d be delighted if you can join us at any of these events and don’t worry if you don’t live on the Isle of Man, all are welcome. If you require further details or any questions, please contact colin@intelectsolutions.im

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