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Cyber crime prevention, better than cure…

Another day and another news item about a hack. This time it’s Yahoo and if the media are to be believed this has been known about for two years and it’s believed to be state sponsored.

In other words, a foreign government has seen fit to infiltrate the Yahoo servers and the information within it. Worrying but it isn’t the first time and it certainly will not be the last.

This week I delivered the first ‘in-house’ Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime presentation. It went down extremely well. I think that’s because it is practical, common sense information, with the overly technical stuff stripped out. It’s not rocket science and it does not have to be complicated.

Harking back to my time in the police it most certainly was rewarding when arresting the bad guys and where necessary playing a part in putting them behind bars. But in fact it is like playing ‘Whack A Mole’. The most effective means of tackling crime is Prevention. It’s efficient, it’s cost effective and it’s been proven to work time and time again.

So my take on Cyber Crime is this. The first line of defence is of course technical. For some of the larger companies they have an IT department, firewalls and spam filters are in place and they will capture a lot of malicious attacks.

The next line of defence is the person opening that email. If employees are not aware of what a phishing email might look like and what it may contain then how can they be blamed when systems get infected, data locked down or stolen?

Raise awareness, educate staff and keep it simple.

Here are my top ten tips, there are of course many others but this is a good start;

  1. Avoid revealing personal/business information online
  2. Use strong passwords
  3. Review your company website is there too much information?
  4. Always review incoming email, don’t be rushed
  5. Consider a VPN for sensitive data
  6. Consider encrypted email for sensitive data
  7. Use https in your browser
  8. Review your privacy settings on social media
  9. Configure your spam filters
  10. Consider Cyber Insurance

We’ve a public course here on the Island on 10th October more details here

The course I mentioned can be delivered in house and tailored to your needs. A small investment in a short course could save employers a whole load of time and trouble.

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