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OSINT or Open Source ‘Intelligence’ is often used in this arena to describe this type of training or products that are produced from trawling the web. My personal view is that it’s a confusing term, and at times I think used to mystify what is essentially research. You cannot get intelligence from the Internet by simply sitting there and clicking a few links or printing out reams of pages. Unless it goes through some sort of process all that you end up doing is producing information in another form. I see this regularly with certain providers of due diligence reports.

When I talk to delegates about ‘OSINT’ on course (particularly those in the corporate sector) they don’t get it, find it a needless, fluffy law enforcement term and don’t see the requirement to put a badge on it. Most of them simply looking to get better information to assess risk. Arguably its a relatively specialist area, but all you want to be able to do is find the best information and amalgamate it wherever possible into an intelligent product. The private sector seem to prefer the term business intelligence or business knowledge.

I’ve nearly got to the point of dropping the term for the reasons above and many more, the next challenge is to come up with a more realistic acronym  🙂

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