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We know that investigating and navigating the online environment is a challenge. As the premier Isle of Man based online investigation company we possess the technical know how and expertise to find, validate and analyse online data. As specialists in Customer Due Diligence (CDD) we know, how to look, where to look, what to look for and when.

We help all manner of organisations to manage their risk with the timely provision of high quality intelligence gleaned from a multitude of online sources. We treat each and every enquiry as ‘confidential’. You can be assured that evidence is captured ethically, properly and professionally. We understand our responsibilities with Data Protection seriously and will do everything we can to keep your information safe.

Professionalism, ethics and confidentiality are our core values. We don’t boast about our clients, because we don’t need to. Clients are referred to us by word of mouth.




Intelect Training

Our speciality is developing and delivering courses that serve and suit your organisational or individual requirements. We don’t do out of the box training, we will listen to you and develop a training package to suit your needs. That can include face to face training, webinars, eLearning or a combination approach.

If you are unable to attend our face to face training or want to refresh your skills our course material is also available online via our partner Designed with Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance in mind our acclaimed Digital Due Diligence course is available on the platform along with a variety of material to assist those in that industry.

We specialise in the development and delivery of bespoke training courses

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